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HKC Tablet – Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How do I power on the tablet?


A:When powering on the tablet, press and hold the power button located next to the volume controls.  You should see the HKC logo pop up, wait a couple seconds to allow the tablet to load everything and you will be at the lock screen.


Q: Cannot turn on the device


A:You cannot turn on the device when the battery is below the critical level, please charge the battery via the AC charger, then you can try to turn it on again while charging…


Q: How do I unlock the tablet?


A: To unlock the tablet to reach the main screen, make sure to press then drag the lock symbol to the right till it fits on the unlock circle.  The tablet will then unlock and you will be able to use it.


Q: How do I download apps?


A: In order to download apps, look for the app that is already downloaded onto the tablet called “Google Play Store” once you have opened Play Store, it will prompt you to either log into an existing Google account or ask you to create a new one.  Do one or the other and once you have logged-in, you will be able to access downloadable apps.  Some of which cost money and some that are free.


Q: Why does my screen keep going blank?


A: The screen will black out automatically to save power, it will be in a state also known as standby or sleep mode.  To change the settings to allow your screen to stay lit longer, open up the main menu of the tablet by pressing the 6 small squares that make up a rectangle on the top right hand corner of the screen.  Once you are there, swipe your screen to the left until you see settings.  Once you are on settings, hit display and look for “Sleep” from there you can modify the sleep timer based off your needs.


Q: How do I connect to wifi/wireless?


A: In order to connect to wireless, you need to first head to settings, once there the tablet will look for available wifi connections.  Choose the one best suited for you, make sure that the wifi is set to “ON” and not “OFF.”  If you were previously connected to wifi, turning it back on should instantly connect you to the same wireless that you were previously on.


Q: How do I change the sound, display, view the storage, battery, and my apps?


A: All of these should already be located within the settings section of the tablet.


Q: How do I change the date/time?


A: In the settings swipe till you reach the end and under “Systems” is date & time.  Select it and it will have a list.  Automatic date and time, set date, set time, select time zone.  You can manually change the date and time with “Set date” and “Set time.”  You can also change the format of the time displayed on the tablet from 12hour format to 24hour format or vice-versa.  Date format can also be changed as well as changing time zones.


Q: How can I make my screen not rotate?


A: In settings, under system is Accessibility.  Open that and look for “Auto-rotate screen,” select it to turn the rotation on or off.


Q: How do I access the camera?


A: Open up the main menu by pressing the button on the top right hand corner of the screen.  From there you will see a picture of a camera that is also titled “Camera.”  Select that and you will be able to use the camera.  However the camera will be facing towards you and not the other way around.


Q: How do I create events for future reference?


A: Go to the main menu by pressing the button the top right hand corner of the screen.  From there you will see something titled, Calendar, from there you select any day of the month and you will have another screen pop up that will allow you to title the event, where the event will take place, what time etc.


Q: The keyboard is blocking 50% of the screen, how do I get rid of it so I can just see everything aside from the keyboard?


A: There is an arrow button on the bottom (If tablet is vertical) or on the right (If tablet is horizontal) that has a small arrow button pointing backwards.  Hit that button once and the keyboard will disappear.  Allowing access to the screen without the keyboard blocking the view.


Q: No Sound from Earphones?


A: Please check if the volume setting is low.  Please check if the audio file is broken, and try to play another audio file to confirm.  If the audio file is broken, it may cause severe noises.


Q: Why can’t I copy files?


A: Please check if the device is connected to the computer correctly.

A: Please check if the memory space is full.

A: Please check if the USB cable is broken.


Q: I am unable to access any PDF files why?


A: Please access Google Play and install adobe reader, you will be able to open PDF file after installation.


Q: Where can I purchase protection products?


A: You can buy standard screen protectors and cases from or  Please visit either site, and search “screen protector for 7 inch 16×9 tablet” or “case for 7 inch 16×9 tablet”


A: You could take your tablet with you to any store that carries tablet protect and buy protective products that fit your tablet too.


Q: I have and HKC M70 tablet and Google Play Store does not work, why?


A: The HKC M70 from China is not Google certified and that’s why it does not support the Google play store.


Q: What is the warranty period?


A: Manufactory warranty is one year.


Q: Can you connect the HKC tablet to a TV?


A: No. There is no HDMI support.


Q: Does the HKC L77040 table come equipped with an accelerometer and/or gyroscopic motion sensing features?


A: No, but next generation products will have it. 



If you have any other questions, please feel free to call or e-mail customer service.



The HKC Team